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greedy_dancer in podfic_projects

Welcome everyone!

It's so great seeing the community membership and watchers go up! And thanks to the people who've shared their projects so far. I'm amazed by the number of projects on your lists, you guys!

It's been brought to my attention that all lists have been posted as "members only" posts, which means that our "watchers" are seeing an empty community! Dear watchers, you should join the community to be sure to access all the posts. Dear members, you have the option of posting public posts if you'd like; the posting preference is set to "members" by default but if you edit your post you should be able to change it to public. I think? I mean, the difference between watching and joining had actually never crossed my mind. Now I'm wondering what I've missed all these years in the communities I watch! o.O As you can see I'm pretty new to this, so if you notice any other glaring things please feel free to educate me :)

I'm using this to also make a couple of requests for future posters:

1) Please consider using LJ cuts if you are a very enthusiastic reader and your posts are getting long.

2) Remember to use the following tags in your entries: reader:name, fandom:name, writer:name. Everyone should be able to create them - unless there's something else I'm forgetting here, in which case please let me know! lol

Good luck with your projects! :)


Thank you for this note! I'd been wondering why the community seemed so quiet :P