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greedy_dancer in podfic_projects

Introduction Post


This is greedy_dancer, your friendly community creator/maintainer/moderator, and these are my reasons for creating this community:

As a reader: when I started recording fic, I had no idea which story to record. I love the idea of having as many different stories as possible recorded in a fandom and wished there was a way to find out who was working on what. However, being a newbie in the community, I had no idea how to go about that, and I was too shy to ask my favourite podficcers...

And as a listener of podfic: I simply love the idea of being able to know what's cooking! Knowing someone is currently recording - or even considering recording - a favourite story of mine is awesome.

I discussed the idea of this community with a couple of people, who seemed interested, and here we are!

I hope this place can be useful to podficcers and listeners alike, to share ideas and get psyched about upcoming podfic! Have fun!


This sounds like a really awesome idea for a community! When it's possible, I love for my first encounter with a fic to be listening to it as a podfic. <3 So hurrah! I'm going to be really pleased browsing through this comm to find out what people have planned! :D