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Drawn Headphones

weimar27 in podfic_projects

My To Do List

1. Let me Love you alienat Main Fic and Timestamps this was for the winner of thepurpledove. this is a J2 fic.
2. Along the Road to Anywhere by cherie_morte. another J2 fic.
3. The Truth Verse a Jensen/JDM fic. I've finished 10 of the 29 fics in this verse.
4. Baptism by ultraviolet9a a SPN/BSG crossover that has combos of Dean/Helo/Kara.
5. Black Days by mayatawi A Dean/Ellen Fic.
6. No Strings To Bind Your Hands by asteroidbuckle. A Dean/Ellen Fic.

1 Reanimated by tigbit. A J2 fic.
2 Desperate Measures by hemrage. A J2 fic.
3 London Calling a BtVS fic, also for help_japan. It's a Xander/Spike fic.
4 There Will Come Soft Rains [Unknown LJ tag]. A Dean/Castiel fic.
5 In Production by reccea. J2. I haven't recieved permission for this yet.


More Dean/Ellen? AWESOME. I don't think I've left feedback on the last set yet, but I loved your readings. Really hot!
Oh, Thanks. :)

Yes more Dean/Ellen. Because they are awesoeme, and I love the pairing.