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greedy_dancer in podfic_projects

How to post?

When posting your projects, please do:

- Mention the fandom(s) in the subject of your post.
- Use tags, to make the community's entries searchable more easily.

Three tags should be used for each entry: reader:name, writer:name and fandom:name.

If you're posting several projects at once, don't forget to tag for all fandoms and writers! (This would probably be a good idea for those who are very prolific, so that the comm is not flooded! *g*)

If you're doing a crossover project, don't forget to tag all the fandoms involved.

I would also encourage you to mention the status of your projects: is it a WIP that's going to be finished and posted soon? Is it a distant, kind of irrealistic dream?

Similarly, if you wanted to come back and edit your posts to update the status of your projects, that would probably be helpful! :)

Rules may evolve in time, but for now on let's try this! If you have feedback or suggestions, I'm all ears. :)


I was writing my wishlist while you were writing this, I think :)

If you want me do it differently, let me know. Also, I think it's not letting me create tags?
Yes, I'm still playing around with it right now.

I think it's great! You actually mentionned the status of your projects, which is something I just editing into this post.

And yes, tags! I have no idea if I can change the settings so that everyone can create them; I guess I'll get the ball rolling for a while and then create new ones as we go!