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Podfic Projects

Who's recording what right now?

Podfic projects
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A place to discuss podfic projects
[Work in progress]

podfic_projects was born out of two observations:

1) While multiple recordings of a story are awesome, some podficcers might prefer "spreading the love" by working on un-recorded fics;

2) It's not easy knowing which stories are already being worked on at any given time.

Thus, this is a community for podficcers to discuss their projects, current and future, in any and all fandoms. It is not yet clear which form this will take, since the community is a newborn right now. However, here are some of the things it will NOT be:

  • It is not a claiming community. The more podfic makes it into the world the better, and that includes multiple recordings of the same story. Posting a list of your projects does not mean getting exclusive rights on those stories.

  • It is not a pledging community. Posting your projects "whishlist" doesn't mean you're committed to recording everything, or that you can't record anything you like, whenever you like.

  • It follows that the comm is not an exhaustive list of everything being recorded in the podficcing community. There is no guarantee that, because something is not mentionned here, it isn't being recorded by someone.

  • It is not a list of all finished podfics in a certain fandom, either. To check if a recording of the story you're considering has been posted, you can check the Audiofic Archive or the lists being compiled by fandom: Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance podfics, compiled by podklb; American Idol podfics, compiled by paraka. (If you know of more list, please let us know!)

  • It is not the place to post your finished podfics. There are multiple communities serving that purpose: amplificathon and audiofic, amongst others.

  • It is not the place to ask for advice about podficcing techniques. This can be done at podfic_tips, for example.

  • It is, however, a place for podficcers to post about their plans, for other podficcers to learn about them, and for all podfic enthusiasts to rejoice!